Inclusion & Diversity Outreach


    The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is committed to advancing great storytelling that reflects the diverse viewpoints and experiences of all creators and audiences. That’s why the MPA is working hard to address issues of diversity, gender equality, and social responsibility in the film and television industry. By establishing programs to promote a diverse talent pipeline, creating new partnerships, and sharing what we learn, we hope to lead by example.

    MPAA Chairman and CEO Senator Chris Dodd established the MPAA’s Inclusion and Multicultural Outreach program in 2012, appointing the MPAA’s John Gibson to serve as the Advisor for Inclusion and Multicultural Outreach.

    Across the Asia Pacific region, we are involved in a number of film industry organizations which promote inclusion and diversity with their communities.

    Regionally, we partner with the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and their associated Academy of over 800 filmmakers, whose focus is on unique stories from every corner of the Asia Pacific; with Tropfest, the largest short film festival in the world; Learn more below: