Economic Contribution of the Hong Kong Film and TV Industry 2009

This study, The Economic Contribution of the Hong Kong Film and TV Industry, provides a snapshot of economic impact and job creation derived from the production, distribution and exhibition of film and television content.

The filmed entertainment industry of Hong Kong comprises 1,170 businesses and in 2008 was responsible for:

? Over 32,000 total jobs
? More than HK$3.4 billion in wages
? HK$33 billion in gross output
? Value added of HK$6 billion

Of the industry’s total impact on the Hong Kong economy, film & TV production and film festivals generated HK$238 million in tourism?related spending. Of this total, 73,000 room nights generated over HK$89 million in room revenue.

To put the scale of the Hong Kong film and TV industry into context, its economic contribution is comparable to that of the advertising industry. The advertising industry can be broken down into the following primary promotional channels used by companies to market their products: television, newspapers, magazines, radio, cinema and outdoor advertising. Although advertising revenue is also included in the gross output of the TV broadcast and film exhibition sub?sectors in this study, the overlapping of these two industries is not significant given the sectors’ overall size nor does it make this industrial comparison less relevant.

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