Economic Contribution of the Film and Television Industries in Indonesia 2012

The film and television sectors make a notable direct contribution to the Indonesian economy…

  • Oxford Economics estimates – based on official and other data – show that the film and television industries directly contributed an estimated 7,675 billion Rupiah to the Indonesian economy in gross domestic product (GDP)1 in 2010.In the process they directly supported 191,800 jobs and generated some 785 billion Rupiah in tax revenues.
  • The film and television industries’ direct contribution to GDP in 2010 was equivalent to some 0.12% of total national income. Comparing this contribution with some other sectors officially classified as part of the ‘creative industries’ cluster, the industry’s GDP is broadly on a par with the estimated combined GDP of ‘computer software & services’ and ‘R&D’ and is roughly double the estimated combined value of ‘market & art goods’, ‘interactive games’ and ‘performing arts’. This contribution was, however, somewhat smaller than those of, for example, design and music.

Meanwhile, film and television’s direct share of economy employment was 0.18% while it generated 0.11% of total tax revenues.

Here’s a link to the full report.