Creating Jobs

    American movies and TV shows are known for telling big stories that make a big impact, but the film and television industry isn’t just Hollywood; it’s your neighbourhood.

    The economic contribution made by film and television business make substantial contributions to local economies that go beyond mere entertainment, and flow through to many sectors of the community.

    In many cases, these screen industries are growth sectors, providing high productivity jobs, sustainable careers and creative businesses.

    For example, in the Asia Pacific region, in China, the film and television industry directly supports 909,000 jobs and generates USD3.46 billion in tax revenues, contributing USD15.5 billion to the Chinese GDP. In Japan, the industry supports 88,569 jobs and directly contributes USD68 billion to the Japanese GDP,  and in South Korea, the industry supports 67,627 jobs and directly contributes USD6.77 billion to the South Korean GDP, while generating USD3.36 billion in tax revenues.

    With so many jobs and livelihoods at stake, it is essential that the intellectual property of the screen community be promoted and robustly protected.

    For more information on the economic contribution of film and television industries, see below. Full reports can also be found on the Research and Statistics page.