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MPA Launches Web App To Help Prevent Illegal Camcording In Cinemas Across Asia Pacific

New multi-lingual tool provides easily accessible ‘how to’ tips for cinema staff on smart phones and tablets.

  • 12Dec 2012

HONG KONG/SINGAPORE: The Motion Picture Association (MPA) Asia Pacific has launched the latest application designed to prevent illegal camcording in movie theatres. Make A Difference (MAD4) includes a multi-lingual interactive web application compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. The new web application is designed to educate cinema staff about the impact that illegal camcording has on the exhibition industry and what cinema staff can do about it.

The MAD4 web application was introduced to representatives of the Asia Pacific exhibition and distribution community during CineAsia, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. CineAsia is the only international convention dedicated to Asian cinema exhibition and distribution and is now in its 18th year.

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The MAD4 web application is a multi-language platform created for use across the Asia Pacific region. The application automatically detects the user’s current location and redirects the user to their local country site and language.
The MAD4 web application has an online reporting platform that provides an easier, immediate and more streamlined way of reporting incidents of camcording. Staff can easily enter information about the camcording incident on their iPhone, iPad or Android device, and submit it directly to their local MPA affiliated office for follow up and further investigation.

Attending the launch of the MAD4 web application, Kurt Rieder, Chief Executive Officer, Golden Village, Singapore’s leading exhibitor, said, “The MAD series has been an invaluable tool for us to train theatre managers, staff and new hires alike. As a result, our ground teams understand the urgency of fighting camcord piracy and are leaders in the region in stopping in-theatre infringement.”

Ashish Saksena, Chief Operating Officer, Big Cinemas, a leading exhibitor from India, said, “We have been given to understand that more than 90% of newly released movies that appear illegally on the Internet and on the streets around the world originate from illegal copies being made in cinemas. This would put the viability of cinemas at risk. The potential damage that can be caused by just one illegal camcording can be extremely destructive. The MAD4 application is a great new tool ensuring that all current and new staff will know what needs to be done to prevent illegal recordings being made in cinemas.”

Mike Ellis, President and Managing Director Asia Pacific MPA, said: “Cinema staff across the Asia Pacific have been extraordinarily diligent in their work towards preventing illegal camcording from occurring in their cinemas, and we applaud them for their commitment. However, it is important that we continue to keep our movie theatres free from any form of illegal recording. Our latest anti-camcording application is a great opportunity to step up the good work being undertaken in cinemas across the region, and I have high hopes it will help contribute to a healthy exhibition industry for all.”

Along with anti-camcording training videos, resources and information, the new MAD4 web application introduces an online anti-camcording quiz for cinema staff, who are encouraged to take the quick test as part of their induction training. It ensures that cinema staff understand the impact of camcording on the screen community, what steps they can take to prevent it, and what to do when they detect someone illegally recording in cinemas.

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