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MPA And The US Embassy Present Big Miracle In Celebration Of World IP Day In Singapore

  • 30Apr 2012

Singapore: The US Embassy of Singapore and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) jointly hosted the screening of “Big Miracle” and “It’s a Wrap” at Golden Village (GV) Vivo City today in commemoration of World IP Day.

Addressing over 200 guests from various government agencies, film industry professionals and students, Guest of Honor, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore David Adelman said, “The United States and Singapore understand that strong Intellectual Property protections encourage investment, innovation and creativity.  Intellectual Property protections are important to filmmakers, artists and entertainers as well as today’s digital and knowledge-based businesses.  The United States is proud to partner with the Motion Picture Association to promote Intellectual Property protections. ”

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“It is a pleasure for MPA to sponsor this screening, along with the US Embassy and Golden Village, to celebrate a day that honors creativity and innovation.  Filmmakers in America and in Singapore share a common goal of promoting market conditions in which movies, television programs, and other creative works can flourish.  A healthy synergy between creative artistry and technological innovation, built on the respect and protection of intellectual property rights, will help ensure the continued growth of the entertainment industries by attracting a new generation of artists to conceive and communicate their ideas, stories, and songs to audiences around the world”, said Frank Rittman, Vice President, Deputy Managing Director and Regional Policy Officer of the MPA Asia Pacific.

“We are honored once again to join MPA, with the US Embassy this year in recognizing the importance of IP and the people and businesses involved in the creation and distribution of films,” said Kurt Rieder, Chief Executive Officer of GV. “We are also pleased to note that the government will be addressing the high volumes of online infringements in Singapore. We have a thriving exhibition industry here which can continue only if respect for creative works is maintained at every level of society in this country. It remains critical that all stakeholders must continue to engage consumers and help them understand that content theft affects everyone and addressing this protects their interests as well.”

“Big Miracle” is a film based on the real-life rescue of gray whales near Barrow, Alaska. The film stars Drew Barrymore, playing a Greenpeace volunteer who, along with her reporter ex-boyfriend (John Krasinski), convinces rival world superpowers to come together and help save the whales.

First launched in 2010, “It’s a Wrap” is an educational video that goes behind the scenes to provide an insight into the workings of the Singapore film industry and how a movie is made.

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