• Picking up on the piracy-doublespeak theme of my last post, let’s highlight a favorite talking point among piracy advocates and apologists, the one that goes like this: If the major producers were just smart enough to make works available conveniently and affordably, people would stop pirating. That was always a lie. And it’s been proven a lie by the filmed-entertainment industry because a huge volume of content—more than any normal person has time to watch—has been made conveniently and affordably available, and yet piracy continues to increase. More than that, piracy has become so sophisticated that potential new users of pirate sites don’t have to be sophisticated at all.
  • Representatives from platforms thought to include Google, Facebook and Twitter will meet with five EU Commissioners today to discuss progress in tackling the spread of illegal content online. While focus is being placed on terrorist propaganda and hate speech, intellectual property rights infringements are also high on the agenda.
  • As the founder and CEO of homegrown independent movie distribution company Anticipate Pictures, the 29-year-old has been acquiring and screening gems like German comedy Toni Erdmann and Syrian documentary City of Ghosts - highly-acclaimed but niche titles that otherwise would not have made it to the big screens in Singapore - over the past year.
  • The public debate about Internet piracy is typically seen as pitting the interests of producers versus the interests of consumers. On one hand, the empirical evidence is clear: piracy hurts producers by reducing the amount of money they can make from their creative efforts.
  • BRISBANE/SINGAPORE: The Asia Pacific Screen Academy and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) announced the recipients of the eighth round of the MPA APSA Academy Film Fund during the 11th Asia Pacific Screen Awards Ceremony in Brisbane.
  • In my last blog I discussed the growing problem of online piracy in Japan, and the importance of site blocking as a potential remedy. Site blocking has proven to be a particularly effective remedy against rogue pirate sites that set up in jurisdictions beyond the reach of domestic law, as
  • Jeffrey and Carrla Goldstein seem to have all the makings of a power couple from a reality TV show.
  • WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Digital Citizens Alliance Executive Director Tom Galvin made the following comments after TVAddons reported there is a "'99.99%" chance" that the millions of consumers using jailbroken Apple TV 2 devices to stream content are, "at risk of having their Kodi box used to send spam, DDoS attacks, distribute malware or even something as disgusting as child pornography."

  • Japanese people are rightly noted for their honesty. We have all heard the stories of wallets left on park benches being returned or just left for the owner to find. This theory was tested last year with the results shown on Youtube. Out of 15 “inadvertent” wallet drops in Tokyo, all 15 were
  • WASHINGTON – The production of Paramount Pictures’ film, Daddy’s Home 2, was responsible for a major boost to Massachusetts’s local economy, according to recent data from the studio. The film generated more than $19 million in local economic activity and hired over 2,800 local workers, who took home more than $10 million in wages.

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