• The Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA), the region’s highest accolade in film, and the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) today announced esteemed Iranian producer Manoochehr Mohammadi as the winner of the 10th FIAPF Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film in the Asia Pacific region.
  • Every year around Shakespeare’s birthday, which has also been declared World Book and Copyright Day, I see articles popping up here and there repeating some howling inaccuracies about the legal and economic concept of copyright. I get it?—?copyright is complex and, frankly, not all that gripping. Also, there’s that free culture movement that says all sorts of truthy-sounding things about how copyright might just be a bad thing. And we’re pro-freedom, right? On the other hand… Shakespeare!… plus all those still-alive authors I love to read, and who need to make a living.
  • Canal+, the French television channel, promotes its support for the film industry with a series of print advertisements featuring complicated flow charts. Four forms are presented: action, animation, horror and short film. “Shooting a film isn’t that simple. Canal+ supports those who make movies”.
  • Canadian novelist and poet, John Degen, who is also the Executive Director of The Writers' Union of Canada, wrote a no-nonsense piece debunking the five lazy lies routinely deployed by "copyleftists". As we look ahead to a week when WIPO's copyright committee will meet to debate several issues with potentially highly significant impacts on world publishing, John kindly gave the IPA permission to reproduce his article, which he originally posted on his blog.
  • Amazon, which touts itself as Earth’s biggest store, has officially launched its bid to be the place to watch any kind of video under the sun.
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership has long been touted as the world’s first true 21st century trade agreement. At the center of this forward-looking pact is an effort to support and protect intellectual property rights, which are the bedrock of the global innovation economy.
  • Brett Danaher has a ready response to skeptics who claim court orders to take down film and TV piracy websites anywhere in the world will never work because freeloaders will find other unlicensed sites or use virtual private networks (VPNs) to get the content they want.
  • The Australian association representing movie houses is stepping up its campaign to block pirate movie sites. It is promoting research that says simultaneously blocking a group of popular piracy sites caused a meaningful decrease in total piracy. The US research also found a significant increase in legal consumption of video content.
  • Is the genie well and truly out of the bottle when it comes to piracy?
  • Creative Content Australia (CCA) – a film and TV industry advocacy group – has aired concerns over a new draft report from the Productivity Commission that suggests making content more accessible will reduce online piracy.

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